Is your computer secure on the internet?

While looking around my blog, I noticed I had a post in draft form from last November. oops. Anyway, here it is.   While I was fumbling along last night on the internet, I ran across a comuter security website. One article in particular is about a honeypot that BBC had connected to the internet. A 'honeypot looks like a… Read more →

Site update

I have update our blogging software so there maybe some wierdness going on. Currently the Summary page is broken, but thats ok because I plan on replaceing it with one of my own. In the mean while you can get to Ardell's blog from my blogrole on the right and please ignore any warnings that show on a web page.… Read more →

The Lord is my programmer…

The Lord is my programmer, I shall not crash. He installed His software on the hard disk of my heart; all of His commands are user-friendly. His directory guides me to the right choices for His names sake Even though I scroll through the problems of life, I will fear no bugs, for he is my backup. His password protects… Read more →

PDFCreator If your ever in need of creating a PDF file and you run windows then PDFCreator is your solution. Having used it in the past, but then forgetting what it was called it took me a while to find it. So I decided to post it here so I can find it again. If you use GNU Linux, the… Read more →

Site News ran out of server space so in a fight to get things manageable the gallery was gutted. I.E. I took the pictures away. That brought us back down below the limit so I could manage e-mail, but the space was still tight. So I decided to go look at what Google had to offer for domain services. I had… Read more →

Who’s Utnapishtim?

In reply to Ardell’s post: What if the Gilgamesh Epic IS the story of some king who went and found Noah? Or maybe Shem? Some have called Melchizedek, Shem. And Melchizedek was considered a man without beginning or end. So… [@more@]So, if Melchizedek is Shem, and considered by most of that world as a man without beginning or end. Then… Read more →

Jay’s Fall Post

1. I was going thru my bookmarks and ran across an article thats worth spreading around. really quite funny. Though its funnier if you have had kids and are quite familiar with some of the lingo. 2. I bought a trackball today because I have been wrist problems again. Anyway, it’s quite cool really, and not nearly as hard… Read more →

Jump-rope anyone?

Below are two movies. If you cannot see anything, or there are only two red X’s then you will need to install Quicktime. It’s relatively painless so don’t worry. Quicktime is also free. To get it, go here. Its well worth it. 🙂 (I dropped the imbedded pictures to help out those with slow connections. If you want to see… Read more →