Jay’s Fall Post

1. I was going thru my bookmarks and ran across an article thats worth spreading around. really quite funny. Though its funnier if you have had kids and are quite familiar with some of the lingo. http://meyerweb.com/eric/humor/evict.html

2. I bought a trackball today because I have been wrist problems again. Anyway, it’s quite cool really, and not nearly as hard to get used to as you would think. I can already use it like a regular mice. My only complaint: I already miss the scroll wheel. But thats because I would use my scroll wheel to switch desktops. Anyway, here’s a pic I took from the Logitech site.

Logitech Trackball

3. I moved some stuff around on the main site due to Josh’s picture overlapping the right column.

(I really need to get much better at my posts. Oh well, thats ok, because I probably don’t get much traffic besides a google bot and spammers. BTW I found out that one of my posts got jacked by a spammer so I had about 30 comments to delete. Ya’ll have a good day whatever day it is. 🙂


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