YMMV: miles or words

A certain somebody has worn out his LifeType blog and needed me to 'check' it out.  Well, I'm kicking the tires, checking the radio…   seems to be working…  On the flip side, I have put over7,500 miles on my motorcycle.  Lately I've been putting somewhere around 60 to 70 miles on it every day.  On most days, the roads are… Read more →

PDFCreator If your ever in need of creating a PDF file and you run windows then PDFCreator is your solution. Having used it in the past, but then forgetting what it was called it took me a while to find it. So I decided to post it here so I can find it again. If you use GNU Linux, the… Read more →

Site News ran out of server space so in a fight to get things manageable the gallery was gutted. I.E. I took the pictures away. That brought us back down below the limit so I could manage e-mail, but the space was still tight. So I decided to go look at what Google had to offer for domain services. I had… Read more →