Desktop MOTD

“Try it, You’ll like it” says the wife.  

“Download it, use it.” says the developer

“What is it?  Why should I?” says the visitor

Get it here.

Well, it is a small application that I wrote to write messages onto your desktop picture.  I wanted to see bible verses on my desktop that would rotate at some interval. 

To Use:

  1. Fill the included motd.txt file with the messages you want on your desktop.  One line per message.
  2. run “DesktopMOTD.exe”
  3. look at your desktop
  4. run it again.

If you like it, then just add a task to your scheduled tasks to run it as often as you like.  Or maybe put a shortcut in your startup folder so every time you login the message is changed.  Feel free to change your wallpaper picture at any time as my app automatically detects the change and starts using the new picture.

Above all, come back and let me know what you think.