Month: September 2006

Who’s Utnapishtim?

In reply to Ardell’s post: What if the Gilgamesh Epic IS the story of some king who went and found Noah? Or maybe Shem? Some have called Melchizedek, Shem. And Melchizedek was considered a man without beginning or end. So… [@more@]So, if Melchizedek is Shem, and considered by most of that world as a man without beginning or end. Then… Read more →

Jay’s Fall Post

1. I was going thru my bookmarks and ran across an article thats worth spreading around. really quite funny. Though its funnier if you have had kids and are quite familiar with some of the lingo. 2. I bought a trackball today because I have been wrist problems again. Anyway, it’s quite cool really, and not nearly as hard… Read more →