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Schemas and SQL Server 2005

Here it is 2012 already and I am just starting to play with schemas in SQL 2005. Anyway, follow the directions below to just start using a Schema as a container or namespace for your objects. Create a Role “schema_owner” and set the owner to dbo. Create schema “myschema” and set the owner to “schema_owner”.  I personally used the same… Read more →

Desktop MOTD

“Try it, You’ll like it” says the wife.   “Download it, use it.” says the developer “What is it?  Why should I?” says the visitor Get it here. Well, it is a small application that I wrote to write messages onto your desktop picture.  I wanted to see bible verses on my desktop that would rotate at some interval.  To Use:… Read more →

YMMV: miles or words

A certain somebody has worn out his LifeType blog and needed me to 'check' it out.  Well, I'm kicking the tires, checking the radio…   seems to be working…  On the flip side, I have put over7,500 miles on my motorcycle.  Lately I've been putting somewhere around 60 to 70 miles on it every day.  On most days, the roads are… Read more →

SCOPE_IDENTITY() returns a value?

I have long used SCOPE_IDENTITY() to get the primary key of a newly inserted row immediately after the INSERT statement. For example: INSERT INTO myTableSELET @var = SCOPE_IDENTITY() What I incorrectly assumed was that the value was reset with each statement similar to the behavior of @@ERROR. If not each statement, then each INSERT statement. In other words, [@more@]if I… Read more →

Computer Security

In today's virtually connected world computer security is more important than locking your car.  Some basic guidelines are: password minimum length of 8 characters.  Passwords with less than 8 characters can be brute forced (systematic guessing) in less than 5 minutes.  8 character passwords will take a very long time. password of mixed alphanumeric characters.  The first step in breaking… Read more →