Finally, a digital camera.

Yeah, Joy and I finally bought a digital camera. We had a garage sell last weekend for two purposes. 1. to get rid of stuff, and 2. to earn money for a camera. 🙂 well, we were successful on both counts. We neted ~$140, and got rid of a bunch of stuff. Now for the next step–lets buy a camera!

Choosing a camera was tough. We started out looking at Cannon A500 series and the A600 series, but then we decided we’d rather buy a refurbished camera with 8x zoom or better than buy a new camera with 3x zoom. After looking at,,, and we had narrowed our selection down to a Cannon S1 IS or a Nikon 4800.

Then we looked at and were pleasantly surprised to see that both the Cannon S1 and the Nikon 4800 were being auctioned off in factory sealed packages. After watching a Cannon S1 go for $180, I tried to get the second S1 about 8 hours later, but it went for $180 as well. Four minutes after the second Cannon S1 auction ended, there was a Nikon 4800 Auction ending, so we tried for it, and after a minute of madly bidding back and forth, we won the auction with $130. After shipping we will have paid $150. Yay! Just $10 over our budget.

Better yet, the Nikon 4800 that we won is a bundle. It comes with a 512mb of memory, lens cleaners, and a table tripod. 🙂 personally, I’m just glad it has memory, so I don’t have to go spend more money before I can use it. Stay tuned, I have a feeling that there are lots of pictures in the future.


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